Food, food, food! In Malaysia!

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Before reading this post, I warn you that you shouldn’t read them with an empty stomach.

I remembered Vishna saying that Malaysia is best for its food. Living here for more almost two years, I couldn’t help but to agree to such statements. People sell different types of food ranging from Mamak food to chinese food. Suddenly, I feel posting pictures of food! Haha! Some of these picture, you might have seen previously.

 The Sushi King we had recently.


All those orders from the 3rd floor Midvalley food court, including Yen Bee’s ‘grass’, which tasted nice.

Old Town’s yummy toasted bread filled with Butter and Kaya jams together with its exquisite white coffee.

Different types of tea served in Cameroon Highland’s tea shop with their cakes, like the Strawberry Cheese cake.

Mamak restaurants that serve tasty roti canais, prathas, naans etc etc. Oh, speaking of Mamak, we always order Indomie Double Ayam Goreng! Nyahahah

Sri Petaling’s Dai Cheong Kam! I think that’s the correct spelling. It’s a Korean restaurant where you can be full with just rm10! (Not inclusive tax and service charge)

Haha, that’s all for now! ^^


Sushi King Day

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On May the 25th was a Sushi King Day! Suddenly , out of the blue, my siblings and I suddenly had this urge to go for Sushi. We immediately went to Sunway Pyramid’s Sushi King! Long story short, we sample a wide range of sushis and eventually ended up with a 100 plus bill. Muahahah…

The Forgotten…

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After posting the details of the family, I realised that I forgot to mention the existence of two people in the family: Ying Chuin and Adeline. And for that, I’m sorry.

Firstly, Ying Chuin. A girl who was brought into the family. Why brought? Well, the fact is that she was my son, Wen Chung’s ex-girl friend (not in real life!). It seemed not long ago that Wen Chung brought her to the house for a proper introduction to the whole family. We agreed that Ying Chuin is a nice girl, keen to work and was doing quite well with her studies. She was, without doubt, very polite and quite good-looking. Yee Lymn and I were quite proud of our son, for choosing such good soul companion. Unfortunately, they broke up in the end. Although this happened, we still consider her a part of our family.

Next in the line is Adeline, a nosy neighbour. I know it’s quite normal to have a nosy neighbour in any neighbourhood around the world. This one, we never thought of her this way. Instead, when people ask her who she is and how is she related to the family, she tends to reply by revealing her name together with a title she assume that she is, ‘the nosy neighbour’. Despite this, we treat her really nicely. However, the funny thing is, she knows everything about us but not vice versa.

This family will keep on expanding by adding one or more members at a time. So please keep up with the updates :D.

This week’s weekdays (excluding Monday)

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Quite a number of interesting happened during the weekdays but due to lack of time & energy with a lot of ‘sien’-ity, I failed to post them. So here they are.

First of all, last wednesday night, as usual, I sent Dr. Ho to KL Central on the way home. It was about 9pm and we expected the road to be, more or less, empty in comparison during the ‘peak’ time, when the working force goes home. Interestinly, we saw this.

Sorry for the picture, it was taken by myself (who was driving at the same time) with an N70 camera. It’s like those cars that you see in parades. Me and Dr. Ho concluded that it was related to the recent Wesak Day.

To our shock, there were four of them. Each of these are surrounded by at least 3 cars with their emergency lights on. By the time we passed the fourth one, I guessed that there’ll be a fifth one. We then, saw another car with its emergency lights on and immidiately got excited. However, it was just a car parked at the side of the road. It broke down so the emergency lights were on.

Thursday was a tiring day. Came early to Vista C at 8am, just to play badminton with Dr. Ho. Yes, we didn’t use the China brand shuttlecock. We bought a better one. Played singles got beaten and later Fang Han and Yen Bee joined us. After that, we happily went to Sandy’s place to take a shower. She had a plumber so we obligate ourselves to accompany her. Though tired, later that evening, together with Kim, Chong Bing and Yen Bee, we went to Bukit Jalil club to endulge ourselves with Bowling practice. Endah parade, our favourite place was rather fully occupied with professional players. The place was not full and the price didn’t differ so much (Thank God!).

That’s Chong Bing and Kim showing their wonderful skills. Unlike them, me and Yen Bee don’t need to have such quality to be pro! Haha. It was a pity that another professional player named Su Ping couldn’t come. If she had come, it’d be a bloodbath. We tend to compete, that’s why.

On the next day, a few of us suddenly have this urge to go watch movie. Me, Chong Bing, Dr. Ho, YenBee, Sandy and Yun Wah ( I think that’s the spelling) went to Midvalley that evening after our Cal Lab, which by the way should be rated as ‘Lame to the core’. We watched the latest movie that went out, Indianna Jones, which was really awesome, and I’d really like to watch again. However before that, we ate at the ‘Malay’ food court in Midvalley, which is famous for its Ikan Bakar. Why is this session so prominent? We took pictures of the food to rate their ‘appearance’.

This is mine. Looks yummy right? It’s quite good actually.

This is a close up image of what Sandy, Bing and Dr. Ho ordered from the stall that is famous for its ikan bakar. It’s spicy but they say it’s nice.

If you’re wondering what’s that, that’s Yen Bee’s food. I don’t know what it’s called but Bing summarized it as ‘grass’, interestingly. It’s suppose to be a healthy thing, according to Yen Bee. Despite the appearance, It tastes quite nice actually. But then, that’s my opinion.

Tears at night…(spoiler alert for House s4e16)

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I was in my room. I looked at the bottom right of my laptop screen. It was 1:28pm.

At that time, I was watching House’s final episode of its latest season, season 4 episode 16. An episode, I should say, worth my tears.

In this episode, House experiences a short term memory loss because of an accident which, Amber, Wilson’s (his best friend) girlfriend is also involved in. Even with fractures in the brain, Wilson desperately begged to risk House’s life by generating the memories back using electric shocks, in order to analyse any signs or symptoms that she may had. At that moment, her body was kept at low temperature to give some time for House’s team to develop a diagnosis.

The idea of generating the lost memories using electricity was already suggested by House himself. But Dr. Cuddy, his superior whom he likes to torture, denies it due to his present condition. I was impressed that he actually went through it although Wilson cared more on saving Amber’s life than risking House’s. He understood how he felt. Of course, he was partly to be blamed since Amber being on the bus is his fault in the first place. But my post isn’t meant to talk about this.

Take a good look at this.

That’s Wilson hugging Amber.

No, those aren’t tears of joy.

The electric shocks successfully generated House’s memory during that incident. It turns out that Amber has ‘flu’ and was taking ‘Ametidine’ for it. Renal failure occuring after the accident, fails to metabolise those drugs, causing tachycardia, v-fib and finally liver failure (so the story goes!). Ametidine poisoning is an unfortunate case since according to House, the drugs can bind to protein making it not removable even after ‘flushing out the drugs’.

Despite the theory, Wilson is given a chance to tell Amber about her condition or more or less, say ‘goodbye’. This is the saddest part (to me) as he had to be the one to turn off the ‘bypass’ (something that acts as her heart). Can you imagine the feeling? Also, the feeling as he goes home and lie on the bed alone, again. And only to find a note saying “Sorry, I’m not here. Went to pick up House”, signed with her name.

Man, the feeling…

An episode worth my tears….Miss you pig pig

What a history taking session!

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Dr. Achike once said, “75% of the time you’ll end up with a diagnosis through history taking.” And today’s CSU session is HISTORY TAKING!

History taking isn’t asking anything dated hundreds or thousands of years ago. We basically ask patient what’s wrong with them. But of course, you don’t ask them, “What’s wrong with you?”; that’s just insensitive. Oh, CSU is Clinical Skills Unit, a place in our university.

It seems yesterday when we took our first history. We were recorded throughout the time in the Pharmacy PBL rooms. Now, NORMAL history taking is quite a simple thing to us. What I meant by NORMAL? Well, today’s history taking (and last week’s) was to practice taking Menstrual and Sexual History. This is quite new to me as they aren’t normally included in our history taking sessions. Hence, not normal (to me).

To those who lack knowledge on those words, don’t worry. Go google their definitions :D. Basically, we had to ask about patient’s menses and sexual life. If you’re lame, no, we don’t ask about menses if the patient is male.  So before revealing my lovely experience, let me give an overview of these things. Menstrual History is asking about menses: the flow, regularity, pain etc. (Anything that comes to your mind!) Sexual History is asking about sexual stuff: whether they’re sexually active, any use of contraception etc. Clearly, we surely have our reasoning to ask these questions and they must be medically related. You don’t go and ask about sexual history when a patient comes in with a tonsillitis. (If you do, congratulations! You won yourself a certificate!)

Anyways, last week, I had a similar session but only to practice menstrual history taking. Persuaded by the devil called Anthony and lost in scissors,paper&rocks to Rong Lih, I had to volunteer in doing so under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer. Yes, it was a lot harder that I thought it’d be and I successfully make a fool out of myself. I wasn’t really prepared for it! Our lecturer even said that I had a nice smile but it’ll make the patient uncomfortable!

This week, Dr. Mala Maung supervised us and firstly picked out Surin to take history from a patient. Sitting there, I observed such professionality shown by her. She took every detail, asked every question as if she had done this for a lot of times. I’m sure I’d done worse. I remember Yen Bee (not a friend, nor an enemy, she’s an angel) told me to be kepo (care none for getting Kepochi Sarcoma!) and to show more concern. Concern, i thought. That’s a difficult thing to do. I’d rather cheer the person out of their misery. Hence, smile :D. But smile = discomfort for patient. Man, all these maths! There’s more maths later! Haha.

Erectile Dysfunction patient came in after Surin’s. After failing to force Anthony out (revenge! Nyahaha), Dr. Mala picked Rong Lih as she told us to stop glancing at each other. Rong Lih did quite a good job despite his soft voice. Anthony, who taught he had escaped, took his fair share and did quite well too despite his nervousness. I was nervous too! And yes, I was picked too! Who am I to say no?

Before going, Yilin, who coincidentally sitting next to me, showed me her notes. She picked out a funny error, where the patient being ED for 2 years, can’t go through sexual intercourse but manage to have a child of 1 year old. As I went out, I asked that questions:

Me: “Sorry, just now you said your son is 1 year old?”

Him: “Yes, 1 year old.”

Me: “Not, one year plus?”

Him: “No, one year!”

Me: “Oh, you had ED for 2 years and your son is one year old.”

Him: “So?”

Me: “Well, let’s do some math here. If you think about it, it just doesn’t add up.” (others laugh)

Him: “You’re saying my wife is having an affair?”

Me: “No, no, I didn’t mean that.”

Him: “Oh, he’s adopted.”

Me: “Ah, that’s just explain it!”

Read the conversation and tell me that’s just insensitive. I realised it. If I think about it, I’d rather make the whole class laugh, or even more important, make the patient laugh. But if you think about it, how’d you ask? It’s rather a hard question for this type of thing.

After that, Dr. Mala showed her skills in such field. Shocking, I’d rather say. I never seen such way of history taking before. Though it didn’t seem structured, she asked almost everything! Also, she said that we shouldn’t be ‘probing’ but ‘discussing’ instead. We consult them while getting some data out of them. Overall it was fun but what a session!

Tasik Perdana Day

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Today, I’m reminded by Dr. F.I.Achike’s famous quote: “Use your God given minds.” Why?

This morning I woke up at 8.30am, by my parents to go for a jog. Usually, during this time, the day is already blazing hot as the sun radiates its heat excruciatingly on the ground. But no, the weather was just fine. It was rather cloudy and cooling. Such a nice weather we are blessed with today. Not only that, it’s a holiday! Fine weather + holiday! Thank God for such blessing.

Took off at around 8.45 to Tasik Perdana (a.k.a Lake Gardens). Tell you, this place is a good place to jog. Its just nearby the Parlimen building, across Tugu Negara. But now, the place is under renovation, so although it’s not as nicer as it’s use to be, it’s still jog-able (wonder if that’s a word).

So five of us (me, my bro, my mom, my dad and my grandma) went for jog. Well, more of a walk. Walk, took a crazy flight of stairs up & down, walk again and came back to same checkpoint. An idea came while waiting for my parents and my grandma. Coincidently, I brought badminton rackets in the car. Well, you know what happens next. If you think we went chase other people with those rackets, congratulations and you just won yourself a certificate for the smartest person in the world.

Of course to play badminton we need shuttlecock. I had one, a CHINA brand one. I’ve got to admit that the brand is just exquisite! Of course, i’m just being sarcastic. I’d prefer to use the term ‘one-hit-KO’ more or less to describe the shuttlecock’s quality. What I meant is, few hits, even before it kisses the floor, the shuttlecock became disorientated. Yes, we destroyed the head before the feathers. Trust me, there’s no need to play like WBF rank no.1 badminton player, Lee Chong Wei (who manage to beat Lin Dan few days ago! woohoo!). Crazy it may sounds, go ahead and buy those rm18 shuttlecocks from Carrefour and give it a shot. Last time, Dr. Ho lectured me on buying shuttlecocks when we were playing with the same one. It’s the bloody head part that is important more or less.

So back to the story. After playing, we went for a breakfast down at the Mamak. The closest one being the Lotus restaurant. Hmm, let me skip the eating part! Haha. On the way back, there’s an asshole on the road. No, not literally an ‘asshole (anus)’ on the road. I was in a round-a-bout and this dude of an unknown race, ON THE PHONE, nearly banged me as he was about to enter the round-a-bout. Oh yes, he got his fair share of the beautiful sound of my bloody HORN (as my brother shouted, “Horn him!”). He was driving a black huge Toyota Cygnus. In comparison to my Myvi, we’d fly 10m away for heaven’s sake! Thank God nothing happened!

Thought that’ll be it for the day, but no! The nice weather persist till 5.30pm and I just couldn’t stand it. It was rather a boring day. The weather was nice so I was tempted to go out for another jog to that bloody place. Was about to go till I changed my mind and went to play DDR instead, with my brother. There were guests (guess they were my parent’s friends or something) at that time. Me and my brother decided to hid in a different room and then sneaked out to Tasik Perdana again. Yes, not again!

Initially, we plan to go there to play badminton again and for a cup of tea or something (yum-cha, they call it). Regrettably, I forgot it was evening of a holiday! The place was packed! Not to mention, the bloody parking! Oh well, at least, I didn’t do the driving. Found a parking and did what we planned to do. On the way home, I saw a classical example of Malaysia’s best parking technique! Enjoy!

What a parking!

Sorry, I know the picture wasn’t clear enough. What do you expect from a Nokia N70 camera?

The End

The Family

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Open House in 2006 2

Yes, ‘The Family’ actually goes to the family potrait above. Many had asked who is who, so here’s the whole story on it.
So let’s go through one by one, left to right:
Top Row: Chua Chong Bing, Choon Wei, Ramzi Amin, Wen Chung, Kelvin
Middle Row: Sandy, Huda, Yee Lymn, Su Ping
Bottom: Julian, Jade

So let me introduce to you one by one from the uppermost generation.

Firstly, Eshelle married Lester and gave birth to a daughter, Su Ping. These two aren’t in the picture.
Su Ping married the leader of a triad, a mafia under the name Chong Bing. They had 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter: Julian Varkkey being the eldest, Yee lymn 2nd and Choon Wei as the youngest. As Chong Bing grew older, he noticed he’s growing more and more senile. It was then, he retired from his postion and passed it down to his eldest son, Julian.
Julian got married with an unknown girl leading to the birth of his son, Kelvin. His position in the triad is the causative factor for having no time to spend with us. Kelvin on the other hand, was somewhat less strict than his further and more relaxed.
Yee Lymn was forced into marriage by his father with Ramzi. She gave birth to a son, Wen Chung and a daughter, Jade.
Huda is Ramzi’s sister.
Choon Wei wasn’t to be seen anywhere as he was most of the time, missing. Latest news says that he had a soul companion from Myanmar, named Sandy.
This was the family tree made from the picture.

Now, there are a few changes:
Chong Bing adopted a new daughter, Pei Chii. Coincidently, God knows how, he found a baby that was swimming in a bath tub. It was then he adopted her. Now, Pei Chii who somehow found out about this, refuses to identify him as a father but calls him a kidnapper for kidnapping her off the bathtub. Not long after that, the truth came out. It turns out that Chong Bing, when he was still the leader of the triad, killed Pei Chii’s parents. This worsens the hate for her ‘father’ and now she calls him a kidnapper and a murderer.
Chong Bing and his wife now have divorced although, Su Ping’s mom didn’t agree on that at first.
Yee Lymn sentenced a divorce against her husband although she was the one who did the cheating. Though the husband tried his best to prevent this, even with the help of his good daughter, he had no choice but to sign the divorce agreement sent by a pigeon. Not long after that, she had another daughter, named Syook Yin after marrying Ying Ji.

Heroes of The Day

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It’s 17th of May.
An anniversary of the birth of one soul name Sandy Tun Min
The original plan was to watch Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian in Midvalley.
As tonight I had to attend my cousin’s wedding, I told organizers of this trip that I doubt if I’ll come.
We also had a problem on getting tickets for the movie.
The movie JUST came out a few days ago, it’s Midvalley and it’s SATURDAY.
Firstly, many people want to watch such movie.
Secondly, many people go to Midvalley.
Thirdly, many people go out on SATURDAY!
Due to this, Sook Fen tried to book online and failed to do so.
Wasn’t much of a surprise that it’s fully booked.
So the plan was to go buy the ticket even before the chickens wake up.
Then, the night before, I asked my parent if I could go and got the permission.
Yen Bee asked if i was going, so I told her and decided to fetch her from Vista early morning to go buy the tickets for the rest.
I informed Chong Bing that i’m taking her meaning there’ll be one less passenger from his car.
Stupid me, I forgot to contact Sook Fen to tell her i’m going to buy the tickets.
10.30, the next day, I arrived in Midvalley with Yen Bee.
Glad that there weren’t that many people (not as many as pasar malam), we bought 6 tickets.
We walked around and waited till others arrive.
Upon arrival, Sook Fen called Yen Bee and I was given the privilage to answer it.
It was then I recieved a shocking news.
Including my 6 tickets, there were 4 in excess!
Long story short, a hero came up to solve this problem.
He’s no other than CHUA CHONG BING!
He arose with Sandy and Sookfen, took the four and started walking around, trying to promote to other people to buy these tickets.
They successfully sold them to these 2 couples.
I felt guilty…
Though he was irritated by it, he still say it’s okay.
So I really thank them and glad to have them as my friends.

First time…

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Yes! it’s my first time blogging!
This sure suprise Dr. Ho as if he recieves news of the world ending tomorrow.

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